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We respond to the needs of the current business, conducting a comprehensive advisory work and research.

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General Insurance Companies

The agency enjoys a solid reputation in this particular field. We offer solutions as to the detection and verification of fraudulent action by insured individuals, always on the grounds of sound evidence or proof.

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The term "digital evidence" applies to any information that is generated, stored or uploaded on technological devices. Any such information can be traced and retrieved to prove criminal or inappropriate conduct.

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Private individuals/Family affairs

The agency offers a wide range of services in the sphere of Family Law and in the investigation of individual conduct, personal background and/or criminal record.

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Other Investigations

  • Littigation Support.
  • Leasehold Property Act (domestic law)
  • Patents and Brands.
  • Search & Positioning of persons/goods or assets.
  • Electronic surveillance and phone tapping/ bugging.

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